3 Steps to Remove Your Mental and Real Barriers and Start Your Next Coding Project Today

Step #1: Understand how your brain is tricking you 🧠

These mind obstacles are more prevalent in beginners who are starting out in tech.

  • I can’t write high-quality code.
  • What if I run into issues and I can’t debug my code?
  • What if I get stuck and don’t make progress on the project?

Step #2: Find solutions to anything stopping you from starting 🛠

Write down any obstacles that are stopping you from starting your project. Then find solutions to overcome them. Here are a few examples:

Step #3: Constantly remind yourself of the benefits of personal projects 🎗

Write down the reasons you’re creating your personal project and always remind yourself of them. Here are a few of my reasons:

  1. I can try out any new tools or techniques I come across in my project.
  2. It helps me deepen my understanding of technical topics by solving various problems I encounter along the way.
  3. I can stay active in the tech community by taking notes on my projects and sharing my experience.



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Reza Fazeli

Reza Fazeli

I write about building a daily coding habit 🛠 | learning in public 🎓 | breaking into tech 🚀 | join me https://discord.gg/eyRMGJNz9m ML Engineer @IBMWatson