5 Tips for Starting That One Thing You’ve Been Delaying


In March 2020, I decided to write online.

This decision was delayed for more than 6 months because I wanted to pick the perfect set of tools for setting up my blog. Once I was done with my research into available tools, I finally started aiweekly.github.io in September 2020.

Everything went well in the first month, and I was writing articles every week. But I stopped publishing after the second month. The project failed!

Then everything changed for me in 2022 with a few mindset shifts.

Here are 5 tips to help you start that one thing you’ve been delaying or restart projects you’ve started but failed to maintain.

There is only one thing you have control over — your actions.

You have partial control over your mental state, your thoughts, or your feelings. You only have full control over your actions.

“Mood follows action” — Rich Roll

Don’t look for the perfect app, tool, or process.

If you find yourself debating which app to use, this is your brain tricking you into procrastination.

Show your brain who’s in charge and take action today.

Start with a simple system and don’t look for the perfect system from day one.

There is no perfect system. The key is to consistently improve your process over time.

Never settle. Keep experimenting and improving.

Use the power of the internet to share your work and learn in public.

This can be intimidating at first but once you start sharing your work the whole process becomes fun.

You’ll learn faster, get immediate feedback, and meet amazing people along the way.

You cannot rely on sporadic actions that depend on your mood or motivation.

Join a community that keeps you accountable to take action consistently every day.



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Reza Fazeli

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