A Simple Mindset Shift to Start That One Thing You’ve Always Wanted to Do

Reza Fazeli
2 min readJan 27, 2022


“Mood follows action” — Rich Roll

In March 2020, I decided to write online.

This decision was delayed for almost 2 years with a few failed attempts in between. I was waiting for the right moment and the perfect frame of mind to start this. This changed when I committed to writing online every day no matter what mood I was in and took action.

I have now published atomic essays every day for the past 20 days.

If you’ve faced similar issues follow along and I’ll show you how you can start taking your first step too.

😇 Focus on what you have control over — your actions

The act of writing consistently every day has given me the motivation to write consistently every day.

I have no control over my mental state, my thoughts, or my feelings. The only part I can control is my actions.

Taking your first step is what you have control over. Once you take your first step you’re closer to taking your second step, then your third step, and so on — and your good mood and motivation will follow.

Taking action is difficult but it’s the only thing you have control over.

😈 Analysis paralysis is your enemy

Do you look for the perfect app, tool, or process? Don’t! “Just do it!”

I have fallen into this trap many times. What if I settle on this app and I have to move everything to this other amazing app I discover later on? It doesn’t matter! This is your brain tricking you into not taking action because this is the hardest part.

Show your brain who’s in charge and take action today.

🔍 There is no perfect system

You do need a system to sail smoothly but you can’t have a perfect process from day one — and there is no perfect process. Start with whatever you have.

The key is to consistently improve your process over time. Never settle. Keep experimenting. Take notes on what works and what doesn’t work and keep improving.

When I decided to write online, I created elaborate Notion tables with templates, tags, and cute emojis. But none of that helped me start writing.

It was only the act of writing that did the trick.

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