Achieve Any Goal by Relying on Consistency Rather Than Motivation

Reza Fazeli
2 min readFeb 1, 2022


“Bad things happen overnight, while good things take time!”

The only way to achieve your goals is by taking consistent small steps each day. The compounding effect of consistent incremental efforts leads to exponential improvements. You cannot rely on sporadic actions that depend on your mood or motivation.

So how do you make sure you stay consistent?

Here are 3 simple tips to help you stay consistent and see the compounding effects of your efforts over time.

Tip #1: Join a community

I’ve had the goal of developing a daily writing habit for the past few years — and never achieved it.

While I did make a few attempts at achieving this goal, they all failed because I was writing alone. I was never able to stay consistent with my writing. This all changed when I joined a community called #Ship30for30.

This community has kept me accountable for the past 24 days to write consistently every day.

Tip #2: Find an accountability partner

Another option is to work with an accountability partner.

You can partner up with a friend or a family member and keep each other accountable. If you’re working with your partner remotely, I recommend using to keep track of your working sessions. You can also use a service like and book sessions with others on the platform and keep each other accountable for your tasks/goals.

Tip #3: Join a team

This is mostly relevant to sports activities.

I was always a member of my company’s soccer team. Every week, whether I was in the mood or not, I had to go and play soccer. Although I felt great after every single match, I would have missed a few games if this wasn’t a team activity.

If you have a goal of adopting a healthy lifestyle and you struggle with staying consistent then try a team sport at least at the beginning.

I haven’t played soccer in a long time because of the pandemic (insert other vague excuses here!!) and I am less physically active because of a lack of consistency.

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