Use These 5 Tools to Easily Retain Any Content You Consume Online and Eventually Create Your Own Content

Reza Fazeli
2 min readFeb 13, 2022


It took me multiple rounds of trial and error to settle on a list of tools that I use as my second brain.

These tools are all free, but unfortunately they’re not all open-source. I generally prefer open-source tools as you don’t have to risk getting locked into a vendor which later on might charge for the service or remove features that you rely on.

The following tools are still useful although not all are open-source.

My second-brain tools

  1. Markfolder
  2. This is a tool for bookmarking tweets and organizing them in folders. It is a handy tool with extensions for multiple browsers that allows you to organize your bookmarked tweets without subscribing to Twitter Blue.
  3. Pocket
  4. Pockets lets you save articles on the web to read later.
  5. Hypothesis
  6. Hypothesis is a free and open-source tool for annotating the web. Pocket also offers a web annotation feature but only to premium users. Hypothesis fills that void.
  7. Google Play Books
  8. I use this for reading and annotating books. The highlights and notes for each book are saved in your Google Drive which you can later review on any device.
  9. Momento
  10. This is a smartphone app for annotating podcasts and saving your favourite moments in a podcast.

Daily idea dump sessions

At the end of the day I sit down for an hour for my daily idea dump session.

In this sessions I would go through the content I have saved that day using the tools in my toolbox. I then capture the ideas that resonate with me and use them as a starting point for creating my own content.

I hope this was useful and happy creating.

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